Southern Voice Studio exists to help transform music lovers into incredible singers. The studio is designed to be a fun, nurturing environment where students are guided through a step-by-step ‘technique pathway’. During their time at the studio, students learn everything they need to know to nail every single performance.


During my past 5+ years as a singing teacher, I’ve seen many students grow in confidence and self-esteem as a result of learning to sing. The best part of my job is watching students grow into themselves and apply the lessons they learned from singing in every aspect of their lives. I built Southern Voice Studio on the belief that everyone is capable of becoming a happier, more authentic version of themselves through learning to sing.


I started my own singing journey just like any other music lover! I always loved to sing, but things really changed for me when I realised just how much I couldn’t do. I set out to discover exactly how singers were able to use their voices in such amazing ways. Along the way, I learned an awful lot about the voice and vocal technique, graduated from University with a Bachelor of Music (Popular Music and Creative Technologies), achieved my lifelong goal of getting my AMEB Grade 8 certificate and, perhaps most importantly, discovered how much I was capable of. I became a happier, more confident version of myself.


I’ve since made it my mission to help as many people as possible achieve the same results I did. From learning the basics of vocal technique to managing performance anxiety, I help my students achieve their goals both inside and outside the classroom.


I believe that absolutely everybody can learn to sing if they are given the right tools and put in an effort to learn and practice. Through a balance of learning vocal techniques and singing songs, I make sure that my singing lessons are as effective as they are enjoyable.


Every student works at their own pace and in their preferred style of music. Students sing songs that they love and work towards their own personal singing goals, whether that be performing in front of a crowd, completing their exams or just having a bit more confidence when they sing along with the radio. Ultimately, I want every student to feel a sense of achievement and have a better understanding of their voice and how to use it.


While I work primarily with teenagers and young adults, I also love to work with kids and adults, meaning there’s an opportunity for everyone to learn to sing at Southern Voice Studio.



Passionate and positive coaching with a focus on technique and skill building. Highly recommended.

- Lisa (Facebook Review)


Awesome school. Casey is a great teacher and very friendly!

- Alex (Google Review)


Visit the studio, meet me and experience a singing lesson with a Free Introductory Lesson. 

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