Learn to Sing in Adelaide's Southern Suburbs

Southern Voice Studio is an exciting new singing school which opened in Woodcroft, SA at the beginning of 2020. Singing lessons at the studio are fun and effective - with a focus on teaching in a way that is approachable and easy to understand.

How It All Began...

I formed the idea of creating a singing school after I began noticing the difference singing lessons made to her students - and not just in a singing way.

While students improved their voice, gaining more range, control and freedom in their singing, they also grew in confidence and self-esteem.

After years of watching my students enjoy these benefits, I decided to launch Southern Voice Studio to give students an amazing space to learn in, easy access to all of the resources that could help them learn and a safe place to learn and grow.

My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that everyone can learn to sing - regardless of their previous experience or natural ability. By focusing on teaching vocal technique in an approachable, easy to understand way, students can build their skills step by step.

I find that a lot of singers have been put off by the idea of complicated exercises, intricate techniques and the idea that singing can’t be learned. (Spoiler alert: it can.) By teaching in this format, learning becomes easy, fun and most importantly, effective.

Learning to Sing at Southern Voice Studio Is...

- All about the student's specific goals

- A balance of learning vocal technique and applying that technique to songs

- Learning vocal technique in a way that actually makes sense (no more pulling your hair out while trying to work out what 'breathe from the diaphragm' actually means

- Being encouraged to try new things and see what happens

- Stepping outside of the comfort zone (but only when you're ready)

- Becoming part of a supportive community of singers and musicians

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What People Are Saying...


"I really enjoyed my lesson today! So good to have a space to come and get all nerdy about singing and music and develop technique."



"Passionate and positive coaching with a focus on technique and skill building. Highly recommended.

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"I have been going to Southern Voice Studio for just over a month now and I have learnt so much about singing my confidence is growing all the time. I love singing and at last I am learning the real methods."

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All About Casey

Casey Nash is a professional Singing Coach and the director of Southern Voice Studio

After years of learning to sing herself and pushing to discover new and exciting ways of using the voice and vocal technique to sing songs she thought she’d never sing, she began teaching teens and adults the ins and outs of the voice - all while studying to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Popular Music.

After finishing her degree, she decided to focus on her singing, and began studying the voice.

As a result, she has been coached by some of the best teachers in Adelaide, and she continues to seek more coaching and knowledge from Vocal Coaches around the world. 

Casey’s current focus is transforming vocal technique into a refreshing, easy to understand pathway students use to build on their skills step by step - without spending hours pulling their hair out while attempting to work out what ‘breathe from the diaphragm’ actually means.

Outside of music and her continuous mission to learn as much about the voice as possible, Casey spends her time getting excessively geeky about things like superheroes and Harry Potter (#ProudHufflepuff) and drinking excessive amounts of pineapple juice.

In 2020, Casey decided it was time to take her love of teaching to the next level and launched Southern Voice Studio - an intimate studio setting in Adelaide’s southern suburbs where she has everything she needs to make her student’s lessons as easy, fun and effective as possible.

Fun fact: Casey has an ‘unfortunate talent for walking into walls’. While it hasn’t had any effect on her singing, she is waiting for the day it trips her up on stage. Luckily, it hasn’t happened just yet.

Get Started With a Free Introductory Lesson

I know from personal experience that it’s important to make sure you have the right teacher, which is why I offer a Free Introductory Lesson to anyone interested in learning to sing at Southern Voice Studio.

You can visit the studio, meet me, tell me all about your goals and decide if I’m the right teacher for you.

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