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5 Ridiculous Music Genres That Actually Exist

just for fun Jul 08, 2020

Chances are that you know a lot of the more popular genres of music - pop, rock, metal, classical, r&b, jazz, soul, country... the list goes on.

And then there's subgenres - for example, any metal fan will tell you that there's a lot of different types of metal music. Just like there's different types of rock or classical music.

But did you know that there are some genres that are, honestly, utterly ridiculous? The sort of genres that you see the name of and just think 'oh, I just have to hear this' just to see if it's real.

Today I thought I'd share with you 5 of the most ridiculous genres of music I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. Who knows - maybe you'll find your next favourite genre in the mix!

Pirate Metal

Finding out that Pirate Metal was an actual thing that existed was the moment I decided I needed to look into more genres of music. Honestly, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like - it's heavy metal music, but all the songs are about pirates. And yes, the music has pirate themes too. You might be wondering - do the band members dress as pirates when they perform? I am pleased to inform you that yes, they absolutely do.

Disclaimer: Some of the themes in this song and might scare young children - and, being that it's pirate music, there's a fair few alcohol references.

Black Midi

Naturally, when arranging a song, the most important thing is how many notes you can fit in. And, with the arrival of computers and MIDI, something happened - human limitations were removed from creating the arrangement. Which means you can add as many notes as you like.

This is the idea behind Black MIDI - a music genre with so many notes that you can't actually see the notes on the score - they all blend together, so the score just looks black.

Of course, this music would be physically impossible to play (unless you got around fifty or so piano players together, I guess), but who cares when we've got computers to do the work for us.

Ever wondered what Bohemian Rhapsody would sound like with over two million notes? Well, now you don't have to.

Experimental Music

While it's true that most people have heard of experimental music, a lot of people haven't heard the weirder side of it.

Experimental music is the term given to anything that pushes the boundaries of music. Realistically, any sort of music was probably experimental at some point. (I'd definitely put Black MIDI in the experimental range, but maybe that's just me.)

There's some really cool experimental music out there - artists like Björk and Frank Zappa had some very popular experimental albums.

The Beatles also ventured into experimental music. This, however, was not well received by most people - although a lot of hardcore fans dedicated hours of time trying to understand the meaning of it.

Kawaii Metal

Have you ever heard the term Babymetal thrown around?

Babymetal are the band credited with creating this genre of music in the 2010's - essentially it's a blend of heavy metal with Japanese pop music. It's also referred to as 'Cute Metal'.


Wizard Rock

Harry Potter fans, this one's for you. There is an entire genre of music dedicated to Harry Potter. All of the songs are Harry Potter themed - either written about the books themselves or just the wizarding world in general - and they all seem to have named themselves after Harry Potter characters.

Also, there's a very similar genre dedicated to Doctor Who, if you're a fan of that. It's called Trock (Time Lord rock) and, again, all of the songs are Doctor Who Themed.

 Well, I hope you've enjoyed this tour through some of the stranger music genres in the world. Have you come across a ridiculous music genre that isn't on this list? Let me know!

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