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How to Appreciate "Bad Music" (And Why You Should)

learning to sing music videos Nov 25, 2020
I have a rule in the studio (and in my life as a musician) - there's no such thing as "bad music". Why? Because music is interpretative, and just because I don't like a song doesn't mean that you don't.
In today's video, we talk all about "bad" music, and how you can learn to appreciate it.

Why Should You Appreciate Bad Music

There are three main reasons that learning to appreciate bad music can be helpful;
  • It makes you a better singer/musician - learning to enjoy different music opens people up to a whole range of different techniques and ideas.
  • At some point, you'll probably have to sing a song you don't like. That's a whole lot easier to do if you can actually appreciate the song.
  • If your friends play music you hate, then at least you can find something to appreciate in it and keep on enjoying yourself rather than removing yourself from the room or fighting over their music choices.

How to Appreciate Bad Music

In order to appreciate music more, I ask myself the following question
  • What about this song would people like? (I don't mean that ironically, I genuinely listen out for things I believe others would enjoy
  • Lyrics - what are they saying? What is the meaning of the song? Can I, or someone I know, relate to it?
  • What is the melody doing?
  • What about the arrangement? Is the song building up? Is it more sparse? What's the song doing?
  • Are there any particular instruments or sounds that I like?
  • Can I find any more information about the song online? Why/how was it written? Are there some fun facts about the song?
By the time I've finished going through this list, I usually have a much better understanding and appreciation of the song. Which, in turn, makes me a better musician, because every time I do this, I learn a little more about music in general, but also what I like (or don't like.)
So, next time a song you hate starts playing, listen to it and see if you can come to some kind of understanding of why others might like it. Do this often enough and it will definitely open up your musical mind to all kinds of new possibilities.

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