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How to Learn a Song in One Hour

learning to sing videos vocal technique Oct 14, 2020

How to Learn a Whole Song in One Hour

Step 1: Work Out Where You're Going to Breathe

Add your breathing onto your lyrics - I recommend ticking everywhere that you can take a breath.

Step 2: Mark Out the Tricky Bits

Sing through the song with the original artist and make a note of anything that's difficult for you - we'll work on these sections next.

Step 3: Work on the Tricky Bits

Now that you know what parts of the song are likely to cause you trouble, it's time to work on them! You can do this by practicing the section with different techniques until you find something that works, OR you can change the section completely to make it work for you.

Step 4: Vowels!!

The next step is to make sure you're really nailing the vowels throughout the entire song. Try singing the song with only the vowels until you get a great sound, then sing the song normally and see if you can hear the difference.

Step 5: Use a Backing Track

Now that you've sorted out the technique, it's time to sing the song with a backing track. This is where you'll notice if you're still unsure of some rhythms or melodies, so mark down anything that comes up.

Step 6: Fix Any Remaining Issues

If you had any problems pop up when singing with the backing track, it's time to fix them. You can repeat steps 5 and 6 as many times as you need.

Step 7: Sing the Song!

That's it! You've now learned the entire song. Congrats!

Make sure to let me know how you go using this process - I'd love to hear about it!

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