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My Practice Routine

learning to sing mindest videos Feb 25, 2021

Practice routines are an important part of learning any instrument - singing included. 

I have been using this particular routine for a number of years now, and have found it to be quite successful. Of course, the perfect routine is a little different for everyone, but trying out my routine is a great way to get started.

Step 1: Warm Up

This is, of course, vitally important. Regardless of what your final routine looks like, make sure that warming up is part of it. (If you're not sure how to go about warming up, check out the Guided Vocal Warm Up.)

Step 2: Vocal Exercises

Remember our Vocal Workout from a couple of weeks back? This is where we use it - get those exercises in! 

Step 3: Song Practice

If you have a particular song (or songs) that you're working on, this is where we practice them. Remember to focus on the parts of the song that are difficult, rather than the stuff you find easy. (You can do the easy stuff already!)

Step 4: Have Some Fun!

After you've done all of that, I find it's a great time to sing something just for fun. You can sing some songs you've already learned, sing some fun stuff that you like or even grab out an instrument and have a bit of a jam. Just enjoy yourself!


And that's my entire routine. Of course, you can change, shorten or modify it however you like (except the warming up - please do not cut out the warm ups.) Make it your own - and have fun.

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