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Why Do People Take Singing Lessons?

learning to sing mindest videos Apr 08, 2021

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One of my favourite things about teaching people to sing is the variety, because I get to meet so many different people who have different goals, different music styles, different songs they like, and different reasons for trying to sing.

Today I wanted to talk about some of the most common reasons people come for singing lessons. You might find that you fit perfectly into one of these categories, you may find that you don't so much. I want to assure you that whatever reason you have for wanting to do some singing lessons, for wanting to improve your voice is absolutely valid.

The first category of people coming in for singing lessons are the ones that just want to have some fun. And this is a beautiful thing because singing is a lot of fun. There's also people that come because they've always wanted to learn to sing and just never had the opportunity, or they just want to improve their singing voice.

Some people that want to be musicians in the future. Quite often these are teenagers or adults who have decided that they'd really like to get into some music at some point. There are some younger students as well, some kids who just love music and think that that might be a good pathway for them. They want to learn to sing, to get the basics, to go on and become a musician.

Let's move into another category; vocal fatigue. Now, I've met quite a lot of people who were walking to the studio in the introductory lesson and say straight away, "It hurts when I sing or I can't sing for long periods of time or something is happening with my voice after I've been singing for a while and I don't like it."

That is a really good reason to get singing lessons. If that is something that you were experiencing, I do highly recommend you get some lessons or you talk to an expert, because chances are that something that can be fixed.

There is an idea that vocal fatigue is normal and if you sing for long enough, you will get fatigued, and to an extent that is true. But we can minimize that, and a lot of the time we can get to a point where we can go for two, three, or four hours without feeling that fatigue. So this is a really great time to get some technique, because that is the thing that is going to minimize that fatigue for you.

Another reason for learning to sing is to boost confidence and self-esteem. I have definitely found over my years as a teacher that when people start to sing a lot more, when they get more control over their voice, they grow in self-confidence, they grow in self-esteem, not just in singing, but in general through their whole life.

They grow, particularly if they are going to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Those people will grow so much just from doing those sorts of things.

Ultimately, with singing lessons, all of these people do want to sound better. They do want to get better at something and they do want to improve. And that's what we work on with everyone. But different goals, of course, have different pathways.

That's why I have the introductory session just to get clear on what a student's goals are, what their voice is doing, to start with where they want their voice to be and how we can get.

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