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Singing lessons at Southern Voice Studio are designed to be both effective and fun. Through a combination of singing techniques, songs and learning to manage performance anxiety, my mission is to help every singer who enters the studio to achieve all of their singing goals - whether that be performing to a crowd, completing their exams or just singing for fun.

Lessons are suitable for both beginner and experienced students, and while I specialise in working with teenagers and young adults I love teaching kids and not-as-young adults as well.


Group lessons are designed for younger students who are showing an interest in singing. These lessons aim to teach students basic singing techniques which they can build on as they get older. We also try to include as many songs as possible to help new singers get a good sense of pitch and rhythm.

Singing in a group is also a fantastic way to meet people and make new friends! We work as a team to learn songs and vocal techniques, discover new music and support each other as we learn to sing.


Private singing lessons are for students who are ready to deep-dive into singing technique and really improve their voice. In private lessons we take a close look at each singing technique and make sure that students understand how and when to use the technique. We also work on growing the voice so that students will have a stronger, clearer sound and find it easier to hit high or low notes. As students learn more techniques, their range will grow and it will become easier to sing a variety of different songs.

In private lessons we start to build a repertoire of songs personalised to each student. Students pick out the songs they wish to learn and we work on applying the techniques we learn to each song. The result is a list of songs that the student is ready to perform!

Private lessons are perfect for young music lovers who want to get better at singing. Students also find that private lessons help them develop confidence and self-esteem while allowing them to learn more about music and enjoy a great hobby.



Teenagers are in a fantastic period of life for learning about vocal technique and discovering their voice! Teenagers get all the benefits of taking private lessons, including an in-depth look at vocal technique and how to get the most out of their voice.  Teens can also start building their voice and increasing their rage, as well as learning some more advanced vocal techniques.


Those who are singing as a part of their high school music class benefit greatly from having private lessons. They can work on their repertoire, prepare for performances and bring in songs that they need for their ensembles. Having gone through the SACE music program myself, I know exactly what’s expected from singers and how to help them get the best possible grade.


Another option for teenage singers is to work towards completing their vocal exams. This is a great way to sing some different songs, learn about music and music history and get a music performance certificate that’s recognised worldwide. Plus, exams at the grade 5 level or above are worth 10 SACE points each!


Of course, teens also benefit from singing just for fun. Even if they have no interest in high school music programs or exams, they can still get a lot out of their singing lessons including improved confidence, raised self-esteem and a great singing voice.


I truly believe that it’s never too late to learn to sing! Adult singing lessons are a great way to start a new hobby, get some ‘me time’ or even build up some confidence to perform at karaoke or join a band.


Adults get all the benefits of taking private lessons, from learning all about various vocal techniques, growing your voice and increasing your vocal range. The result is a feeling of freedom when you sing and the ability to sing a wide variety of songs with confidence.


Singing exams are also an option for adult singers if you’re looking to work towards some specific goals. Exams are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and work on your personal development, as well as learning about different types of music and singing songs that might be a little different from what you usually sing.


Whether you plan to perform, take exams or you just want to learn for fun, singing lessons are a great option for adults who love music and singing.


Every student at Southern Voice Studio starts out with a Free Introductory Lesson. That way you can visit the studio, meet me, learn about my teaching methods and decide if Southern Voice Studio is the right fit for you.

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