Looking for singing lessons for yourself? That's fantastic! It's never too late to start learning to sing.

Lessons for adults are about combining vocal technique with the music you love so that you enjoy your lessons while you get better at singing.


Whether you grew up wishing you could learn to sing, or you've decided that now is the time, singing lessons are great for personal development or for a new hobby.

I'll make sure that you learn all of the techniques you need to grow your voice and sing with confidence. I'll also help you apply all of that technique to songs. That way, you'll know that every time you open your mouth you'll sound amazing. 

It's important that you love the songs you learn to sing, so we'll discuss your favourite songs and artists to see if we can find something that you'll really enjoy.

As an adult singer, you also have the option to take Vocal Exams. This is great for a challenge and to broaden your knowledge of music and singing, but it's totally optional. I'll also help you prepare for performances if you plan to get on a stage (whether you're starting a band, putting on your first gig or you just want to impress your friends at karaoke). Or, if you just want to get better at singing and have some fun, that's great too!

Adults can find many benefits in learning to sing, including improving your confidence and managing stress. It's also a lot of fun!


If you're interested in learning to sing, come along to the studio for a Free Introductory Lesson! You can meet me, experience a lesson, get some immediate feedback on your voice and decide if southern Voice Studio is the right fit for you.

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