Teenagers are in a great period of life for learning to sing! It's the perfect time to learn vocal technique and strengthen the voice.

It's also a fantastic way to get a break from school and homework, or - for those a little more serious about singing - get some extra SACE points.


If you're looking for singing lessons for your teenager, chances are they've either shown an interest in learning, you've noticed that they love to sing and you want to help nurture that, or they've signed up for singing as part of their school's music program only to realise that they have no idea what's going on and would like some help. Either way, you're in the right place.

Nearly every teenage singer I've met has had one ultimate goal - get better at singing. That starts with vocal technique - I'll teach your teen everything they need to know about vocal technique including how, why and when to use it.

Of course, I've never met anyone who wants to learn a bunch of scales and techniques if it doesn't help them sing their favourite songs! Most teenagers have their own taste in music and want to sing the songs that they love. I'm all for that - many of my students have lists of songs that they want to learn so that it's easy to pick out some great songs that they'll really enjoy learning.

Learning to sing is a great way for your teen to improve their confidence, have some fun and take a break from homework and study (it's even been scientifically proven to reduce stress, which can be really helpful in those higher year levels.)


In addition to standard private lessons, teenagers have some options for extracurricular learning, such as;

Singing at School

Many high schools offer singing as an option for those studying music at school. By combining singing techniques with the development of a repertoire of songs, I can help make sure all singing students are prepared for all of their school performances (even the surprise ones that you had no idea were coming!)

Vocal Exams

Vocal exams are a great way for teenagers to challenge themselves and broaden their knowledge of singing and music. Exams also make a great addition to resumes and, at a grade 5 level or above, are worth 10 SACE points each, so they can help you get that all-important SACE certificate.

Just For Fun

Some teenagers just want to get better at singing and have some fun. I totally get it! Singing makes a great hobby. I'm never going to force anybody to take an exam or step up onto a stage. If you want to learn just for fun, we'll make sure that this is something you can enjoy.

All of the Above

You can absolutely mix and match what you want to focus on in lessons. Every option is always there, all of the time. The most important thing is that all students are enjoying their lessons and feel like they're getting something out of them.


If you're interested in learning to sing, come along to the studio for a Free Introductory Lesson! You can meet me, experience a lesson, get some immediate feedback on your voice and decide if southern Voice Studio is the right fit for you.

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