3 Singers I'm Loving Right Now

"Who's your favourite singer?"

This is a question that, being a voice coach, I get asked fairly regularly. And I really don't have a straightforward answer a lot of the time.

There are so many absolutely incredible singers out there, and they're all good at completely different things. I'm a person who will listen to all different genres and singers purely depending on what mood I'm in, and that's exactly the same when it comes to singers.

With that said, I want to share with you three of the singers I'm loving right now. These are three of the singers I'm actively listening to during my day at the moment, and they're all from different genres, which makes this list even more fun.

So, if you're looking for some new singers or you just really want to know who some of my (current) favourites are, go ahead and check out some of the videos below.


If you don't know who FINNEAS is yet, then you'd be forgiven, because he's kind of overshadowed by his sister - Billie Eilish. (Although if you're lucky you might remember him from his four episodes on Glee. And if you didn't know that FINNEAS was on Glee, then, well... you're welcome.)

Personally, I think he can be credited with a lot of Billie's success - he's her co-writer and her producer, so he actually does a lot of work for her behind the scenes. But he's also a pretty great artist in his own right. And you know what? I actually really like his voice.

What I Love About This Performance: For those of you who want to nerd out over vocal technique with me, pay attention to the way he's switching between registers throughout this performance. It's completely seamless the whole way through, and he makes it look so easy!

2 - Alicia Keys

I'll be the first to admit that while I have a lot of respect for r&b music, I've never really gone out of my way to listen to many artists from this genre. I do love a couple of Alicia's more poppy songs (Girl on Fire, for example) but I've never really sat down and listened to an entire album of hers.

But that may be changing, because I've started to notice a few Alicia Keys songs pop up on my recommended playlists and I've really enjoyed them. So I went and listened to everything that's been released from her upcoming album and seriously... I love it. There's something about the themes on this album that really resonate with me, so I'm super excited to actually hear the whole thing.

What I Love About This Performance: Her connection to the music! Alicia's a great singer, and I could talk about technique all day long, but at the end of the day it's her expression and the way she sings this with so much passion that really draws me in.

3 - Floor Jansen

Alright, I'm going to level with you; if I absolutely had to pick 1 favourite singer, it'd be Floor, purely because of her versatility. I have heard this woman do everything from stunning high melodies to operatic vocals to belting and even growling. Every time I think I've heard everything this lady can do, I hear her do something else.

And while Floor is probably best-known as the current lead singer for Nightwish, she's also sung - and written songs - for her own bands. (I've sung a couple of those myself and I have to tell you, she makes her songs sound way easier to sing than they actually are.)

What I Love About This Performance: Ignoring the fact that I love when a metal band does an acoustic version of one of their songs? Floor's control over her voice in that high register is magnificent, the fact that she can just switch into that crazy powerful tone at the end with no warning is amazing and that mouth shape! If you're working on opening your mouth when you sing, Floor is a great singer to watch.

So there you go, three of my (current) favourite singers, all of which are releasing some great music and showing us some of the amazing things humans are capable of with their voices. Will my top 3 have changed by next week? Probably. But for now, I'm going to enjoy watching their performances about a thousand times.

Do you have a favourite singer? (Or a top 3? Top 5? Top 10?) - Let me know so that I can check out their stuff!

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