5 Amazing Ways to Discover New Music

Alright, so you love music, but you're a little bored of your current playlist. It's time to go out and find something new. Explore the world of music, if you like. But just how do you go about doing that?

Maybe you get recommendations from friends, or sink down a YouTube rabbit hole. Maybe you turn the radio on and hope they play something you'll like.

Well, I'm here to tell you 5 of my personal favourite ways to discover new music. Next time you're looking for something new, try one of these out.

For When You Have No Idea What You're Looking For

1 - Explore Your Music App

Ready for a revelation? Your music app has an explore function.

You might not find that to be absolutely amazing, but I have had this conversation with a number of people who - as it turns out - have only ever used music apps to search music they already know and love and add it to their library.

And while that's a completely valid use for a music app, you should absolutely be checking out the explore functions - because they actually are tailored to your music taste.

Most music apps have algorithms that analyse what you're listening to, then those algorithms go out and bring back a bunch of songs that are similar in some way. They'll make you personalised playlists, show you newly released music you might like and give you ideas of different albums or playlists that you might not have heard yet.

Plus, there's usually a browse section as well, so you can go and see what's trending, new releases from all different genres and music that's been handpicked by experts.

2 - Visit Your Local Library

Yes, you read that right. The library.

I absolutely love libraries, but that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows I love books.

But what does surprise people is that you can get so much more than books from libraries. For example, you can get movies, tv shows... and CDs (which are still great, as long as you still have a CD player tucked somewhere).

So, if you have no idea what new music you want, here's what I suggest; go to the library, find the CD section, pick out a few CDs that you like the cover of and give them a listen. If you like them great! If you hate them, it doesn't matter, because libraries are free!

I have genuinely discovered some great artists doing this that I'm sure I would never have found otherwise, so give it a try!

3 - Ultimate Guitar Features

If you've ever covered a song, you've probably used Ultimate Guitar before - to look up chords, tabs or both.

BUT, did you know they also have a great articles section? I quite like the 'features' area which will give you a whole bunch of different articles about music.

At the time of writing this, it features articles like 'Top 25 Songs Where Lyrics Fit the Music Best', '8 One Note Riffs That Are Actually Awesome' and '7 Horrible Albums By Otherwise Great Bands'.

The best part? These articles are voted on by the community, which means it's not a music expert sharing their own opinions, it's a huge group of music lovers just like you and me.

If you're looking for new music, have a scroll, find a title that grabs your attention and start watching the YouTube videos they've linked to the article.

For When You Kind Of Know What You Want

4 - Google

Did you know that if you google 'artists like [artist name]' Google with throw a whole bunch of different recommendations your way? I was rather impressed the first time I tried it.

There's also lots of forums out there that have discussions where fans recommend artists - so if you google something specific (e.g great bands of a particular genre) Google will often deliver a forum where someone's asked the same question and fans have responded with their favourites.

Never underestimate the power of a good old google search.

5 - Who Sampled

This one's a little more specific, but it can be a lot of fun!

Who Sampled is a site dedicated to collecting songs together with the samples used in that song, songs that sampled that song and covers of that song.

It's a great way to discover some new stuff. You can either browse through the popular sections or just search an artist you love. Then click on a song you like and see what you can find.

Who knows, you may even find that your favourite song is actually a cover, and the original artist is just waiting for you to discover them!

(I will warn you though, that until I discovered this site I had no idea how many songs were sampled in modern music. So if you like to believe your favourite artist writes everything themselves, this site may or may not destroy that belief. Sorry.)

So there you have it - 5 ways to discover some new music! Now, go explore the music of the world (and let me know if you find anything awesome!)

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