Singing Through the Lockdown

I think it's fair to say that for those of us in Adelaide, yesterday was crazy.

(Thinking about it, crazy might be an understatement.)

I'm now writing this blog post from my bedroom, because I - along with everyone else in the state - have been asked not to leave the house.

So, to help us all get through this very strange period of our lives, I thought I'd collect every blog post, video or resource I've ever made into one big lockdown resources post. Let's go!

Practicing at Home

Singing at Home: Getting the Most Out of Your Practice Time

Back in April, I wrote an entire guide to home practice - including some cool free apps that you can add in to mix your practice up. You can find the guide here.

Setting Up Your Practice Space

Given that we're all spending a lot of extra time at home, why not get a great practice space set up? You can read my recommendations here. (I mean, you won't be buying a music stand from a local store anytime soon, but there's some great alternative options here, too.)

How to Learn a Song in One Hour

Feel like a small challenge? How about trying to learn an entire song as quickly as possible? Here's my step by step guide to learning a whole song. (It might take you a bit longer than an hour to start with, but... it's not like we're going anywhere...)

Working on Your Breathing? Check Out These Performances

If breathing's something your working on, why not take some extra time to watch these performances and see how other singers breathe?

Downloads & Resources

The Practice Kit

This is a HUGE resource for students of the studio - if you're having lessons, you should already be using the kit, but just in case you're not, now is a great time to check it out!

Guided Vocal Warm Up

For those who aren't students yet, don't worry! I created an entire free singing lesson for you, where you can learn one of my favourite ways to warm up your voice and go through a warm up I've designed specifically for beginners (though more experienced singers can get a lot out of it to. You can get access here.

Water Tracking Sheet

Did you know that water intake has a huge effect on your vocal health? Did you also know that people tend to drink less water when they're not at school or work? Tracking how much water you drink can be really beneficial for those of us at home, so I've made my water tracking sheet available for you - get it here.

Just For Fun

5 Amazing Ways to Discover New Music

Personally, I'm really looking forward to discovering some great new music through this time. If you're not sure how to go about finding new stuff, I've got you covered. The library isn't really an option right now, but the other 4 ways to discover new music will work wonderfully!

5 Ridiculous Music Genres That Actually Exist

Feel like checking out the wackier side of music? Some of these genres you just need to hear to understand that they're real. Head here for a little fun (and some very interesting tunes.)

If you come across any other awesome singing or music resources during our time in lockdown, let me know!

In the meantime, stay safe and hopefully we'll be back in the studio before we know it!

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