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Learn to warm up your voice effectively with this free, 10 minute guided vocal warm up designed for beginners.

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Vocal Basics

Top 5 Singing Techniques

If you only ever learn 5 vocal techniques, make it these 5.

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Choosing the Right Song

Stuck on what song you should be singing? Here's some tips to help.

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See How the Pro's Breathe

View hand-picked performances where you can see the breathing.

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Get the Most Out of Your Practice

Create an Amazing Practice Space

In this video I take you through everything you need in an incredible practice space. (And a few workarounds for those items you just can't get hold of.)

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Building a Vocal Workout

A good vocal workout helps you achieve your goals - whatever they might be - through the repetition of helpful exercises. Here's how to design your own.

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My Full Practice Routine

Watch as I go through my entire practice routine - from warming up, to songs, to just having fun. I'll explain what I'm doing along the way.

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Latest Videos

Measuring Your Vocal Progress

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How to Find Your Vocal Range

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Why People Take Singing Lessons

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